Winzergenossenschaft Weinbiet

The region’s wine growing tradition can be traced back to Roman times. The town’s 1300 years of history are closely interwoven with that of the Order of St. John and its chapter house (manor). In the 19th century became known as a Mußbach Traminer region. In 1902, 54 vintners founded the wine club Mußbach (Mußbach Vintners’ Association). For the first time ever, the region’s vintners jointly marketed their grapes – which marked the beginning of the Mußbach vintners’ success story. Their wines have since become widely known and far beyond the region’s Recognised borders. Membership in the association that is benefited by the vintners single vineyard wines Ensuring that sufficient quantities are available in for year-round marketing.

Three cooperatives joined forces in 1968/71, forming the “WG-Weinbiet Mußbach Gimmeldingen eG”. The cooperative was named after the mountain that shelters the 554 m region, protecting it from storms and hail. As the cooperative decided to use available buildings, its grape and wine collection storage facilities are located at a different site than the bottling and sales facilities. They are, however, connected by an underground pipeline system With the merger of the cooperatives, membership numbers rose to 200 covering a total of 150 hectares of vineyards.

A highly effective organization was established in March 2002 when the neighboring Haardt vintners’ cooperative also joined the wine cooperative Weinbiet. Today, the cooperative ‘s 17 full-time and 129 part-time wine growers cultivate 300 hectares of vineyards.